About this blog

water throwI was once described, with delightful ambiguity, as “a very curious person”. In at least one of the possible senses of the word, it’s true: I think that the world is a fascinating place and I enjoy looking at it from different angles to try to understand it a little better. I’m very keen on putting numbers to things and applying basic maths and science to everyday situations. Few people can have squeezed more value from their A-levels in Maths and Physics than I have.

I also enjoy working with my hands to make things, mainly with a science or maths theme. If there’s some programming involved, so much the better.

This blog is a record of some of my thoughts, calculations, and creations. It’s not aimed at any particular audience – I just want to share what I’ve done with anyone who’s interested.

Some of the material has been moved here from my former website.

In posts where there’s maths or science theory involved, I aim to give the “headline” conclusion as soon as possible, with the justification later on, so you don’t need to plough through a load of heavy stuff if you don’t want to.

The picture? Take a look at this video to find out what it’s all about.